Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yet Another Book Blog

For several months I've been thinking I should get my act together and start a blog about books and reading.  What stopped me was laziness primarily, and secondarily, questions about who would possibly want to read yet another blog about books.  I wanted to write about all the books I read - kids' books, YA books, adult books, picture books - the whole smorgasbord.  But then, who would read something so random and wide ranging?  I fretted about the purpose and the point and the audience until I finally realized that, actually, it doesn't matter.

Really, I just love to read and I read avidly.  I've always read more than anyone I know - I write that without a trace of arrogance - it is not something that I am proud of, it is simply who I am.  One of the challenges of reading avidly (or maniacally, some would say) is that I can't remember the details of a book not long after I finish it.  This is a challenge for me as a librarian - I can remember the ethos of a story and how it made me feel and who I think would enjoy reading it - but plot lines?  Characters?  Not really.  I discovered, more or less by accident, though, that when I write about a book, I remember it.  That shouldn't have come as too much of a surprise to me, but it did.  So, I hope this blog helps me remember.  I live by and take great faith in Ranganathan's law "every book its reader," as well, so if this blog also helps even one reader discover even one book they might otherwise have missed, that's good too!

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