Friday, August 20, 2021

Be Not Far From Me by Mindy McGinnis

Mindy McGinnis doesn't pull any punches and I love it. This is a brutal survival story - kind of a grown up Hatchet - and McGinnis explores both the harsh physical realities and the psychological torment of being lost in the woods. 

Ashley is more at home in the forest than anywhere else, but during a night of camping and partying in the Rockies, she witnesses her boyfriend with another girl. In a fury, she busts out, running into the dark night. A fall in a ravine stops her and puts her life at risk.  From there, she takes a deep dive into a dark internal place, while at the same time trying to physically endure the harsh realities of being severely injured in the middle of nowhere.

There's gore, there's dark humor, there's true introspection. Ashley is a badass (and I mean that in the complete sense of the word - she's extremely capable, but also willing to acknowledge her own terror). Be Not Far From Me is a page turner in the running for the North Star YA Award this year... I think it's a serious contender!


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